Why not tweeting often makes your post get fewer likes

News 01:06 June 2024:

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Just like on Facebook, not everything you post on twitter gets to be viewed by all your followers. In fact, only a small portion of people get to see your every post; most of who are usually online when you send the tweet. With that in mind, tweeting less than five times inĀ  a day means that only a very small portion gets to see and like your tweets. On the other hand, someone who tweets consistently for several times each day gets to increase the viewership of their posts by a very high percentage.

However, it is not just tweeting often that makes you get more twitter likes. It is everything in you post. The quality and content of your tweet for instance very much tells people what kind of person you are. And if they are interested in the content you post on twitter, they will surely follow and like your posts. Your level of engagement with your followers could also make you increase your twitter viewership to some extent.