Why not tweeting often makes your post get fewer likes

Just like on Facebook, not everything you post on twitter gets to be viewed by all your followers. In fact, only a small portion of people get to see your every post; most of who are usually online when you send the tweet. With that in mind, tweeting less than five times in  a day means that only a very small portion gets to see and like your tweets. On the other hand, someone who tweets consistently for several times each day gets to increase the viewership of their posts by a very high percentage.

However, it is not just tweeting often that makes you get more twitter likes. It is everything in you post. The quality and content of your tweet for instance very much tells people what kind of person you are. And if they are interested in the content you post on twitter, they will surely follow and like your posts. Your level of engagement with your followers could also make you increase your twitter viewership to some extent.

Free Instagram Likes

Technology is simply amazing. The advancements that we have had in the technology today are really pushing people to go beyond the limits in terms of innovation. People are willing to take the risks and are not shying away from the many opportunities that are presenting themselves. Entrepreneurs all over the world are looking to solve people’s problems and they are largely suing technology to do so. If you have been having a problem with getting Instagram likes, technology is here once again to solve your problems.

There are a number of websites that you can subscribe to online to get free Instagram likes. These websites work very easily. They simply generate free likes to each and every photo that you post on your Instagram page. The free likes will definitely work very well to attract a lot of attention to your page as everyone will want to see what this is that everyone is rushing to like. Eventually you will notice that your popularity on Instagram will rise very fast and the problem of getting likes on your page will be long gone.

Simple ways to enjoy using twitter

If you have just joined twitter, you will need a lot of patience to increase your twitter likes.  If you want to enjoy using the platform don’t be compulsive.  The secret is quite simple, firstly just watch by following closely what others are doing.  Secondly, by watching you will be able to learn not only how it works but how the tweeting pattern of users.  Thirdly, take time and view the happenings on the platform, if you are keen you will be able to see a trend.

After following the above steps, it is then time to move on by acting.  It is important to know what happens before acting.  You are now able to comment and follow the trending pattern because it is now easier to deal with them.  If you do the same you will be amazed at how steadily your twitter likes will increase.  Even those with a large number of likes began with baby steps.  So you really have no reason to worry if you are not making headway as fast as you would wish.

How to make you Selfies get many Instagram Likes

There are tens of photo editing apps out there, yet not everyone gets to attract many instagram followers as they would desire. There are apps that enhance your lighting to make your selfies look brighter; some apps remove the wrinkles on your skin, while others simply make you more glamorous. But are these photo editing apps enough to make you hit a thousand followers? The simple answer is no. The secret to getting many instagram likes with your selfies lie on your timing in taking them, the background, the dressing and the message they’re meant to put across.

If your dressing is perfect, and your picture is not being distorted by grains or shadows, then you’ve passed on the first test. The message meant to put across with your posts can also determine how many likes you are likely to attract. For instance, if you are taking part in an Instagram contest about sportswear, being able to dress in the most attractive sports clothes is more influential on how many instagram likes you get than anything else.

The How to get Instagram Basics you shouldn’t ignore

If you’ve probably heard than producing more of quality posts on Instagram is more important than how many pictures you post in a day. However, most people just ignore this basic rule, especially when they don’t see any changes with the number of likes they have been getting. However, posting what is the most significant part of your day should make up your post of the day. If possible, let all your Instagram posts tell a story about you. Stories are what attract more comments on Instagram, and more comments usually translate to more instagram likes and possibly more followers in the end.

Note that Instagram and social media in general is just like the goods you find in the market. You consume what you want to, or sometimes what you need to. The same way, people will only like and comment on what looks more important to them, which should be what you focus more on all your posts.

The Easiest Way To Get Twitter Likes For Your Handle.

Many people have always wondered which could be the best way for them to attain a high number of twitter likes for their accounts. Of course when they sign up for a new account, there is usually a high hope that things will start running smoothly and they will have a very amazing and vibrant twitter experience within no time. However, they are often hit with the reality that things are not usually as easy as they had deemed it to be and they have to work a little bit extra hard to work their way up.

With that said, there is usually a shortcut for people who want to get up there really fast. It is simple; all you need to do is to buy twitter likes for your account. Purchasing is quite easy for these people and they need not struggle getting likes. Furthermore, it is a fast way to gain likes. You do not have to wait ages so that you can start getting as many likes as you want. Buying increases the exposure of your twitter account.