Staycation with Massage Envy Spa

I am not going anywhere this Summer for vacation just like so many of you.  It just isn’t in our family’s budget to take a Summer vacation.  That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a mini Staycation!  Why not include a little “me time” in that Summer Staycation with Massage Envy Spa?

massage envy3

If you look up at my header there are days that I feel like that.  It’s getting a little better now that Drama and Diva are older but I swear FB is like four toddlers rolled into one!  When Massage Envy Spa asked me to do a review of their Kenword location  actually did a dance through my living room stepping over children scattered across the floor and high fiving Mr. Messy!  I thought about being in my own little world with no “mama…mommy…mom!” coming every two minutes and “Honey, do you think this (insert fruit or vegetable) is bad (sniff sniff)?”  Just some totally stranger, a dark room, some wonderful soft music and me…naked.  What…Wait?!?

Oh, then the dread set in.  I’m going to be in a room with some stranger rubbing all over me.  No No No…can I take this back.  Honestly that went through my brain for all of .5 seconds and then I had happy thoughts again.  The good news for those of you that don’t move on to happier thoughts right away is that Massage Envy Spa’s staff takes every precaution to make sure YOU are at your most relaxed state.   They can’t do that if you are afraid a massage therapist is going to be touching your feet or some other part of your body that you aren’t comfortable about.  They make sure you feel at ease and understand this is a unique experience for everyone.

massage envy

I originally thought that my massage would just be relaxation.  I explained that I am a pretty open person and my main concerns are stress and the pain I carry in my shoulders, back and hips from caring for these three beautiful girls day in and day out.   I wasn’t expecting a Deep Tissue Massage since I associate that with athletes and I am no athlete.  I am just your average Super Mom (ha ha – not in a million years!).

So, when the massage therapist started stumbling across knot after knot in my neck, shoulders and back I was shocked.  Not to mention totally weirded (is that a word) out by what it felt like to me when she found them, because when she found them I found them!  She worked on them until I could no longer feel the tension there that I didn’t even realize was there before.  It was still relaxing but I certainly did NEED a Deep Tissue Massage, we moms work hard EVERY single day and we don’t even realize it.  She recommends that I come back ever 5 weeks or so.  I am curious to see what would happen if I did and I might.  I’m sure after a few months of this I will feel better than ever.

I felt great after the massage that’s for sure.  The next two days though were rough to avoid this you should drink lots and lots of fluids!  I should be doing this anyway but neglected to do so this time.  My massage therapist informed me that I needed to drink lots of fluids but I have to admit, I totally slacked on that.  You live and learn, right?  Next time I will be sure to hydrate!  After those first two days I did feel great!  I wonder how it will feel after going for six months in a row?

massage envy2


Did you know that Massage Envy Spa doesn’t just do massages?  I didn’t before I was approached by them for a review.  They also have customized facials too!  Woo Hoo!  I was totally being pampered for this staycation.  I should do staycations more often.  I mean, instead of shelling out money for a hotel, I can be getting pampered!

So, the Facial was amazing too!  I was asked about the problems I have with my skin.  She looked at my skin with a very powerful light to see what underlying surface issues I was having that I didn’t even know about.  She recommended specific products for the facial because of issues I was having.  I knew about these problems but she knew how to correct them.  She didn’t try to up-sell me a lot of products either.  She did recommend that i use a moisturizer with a sunscreen and suggested one they carry but that was because I don’t put use one every day.  I do use sunscreen when I’m going in the sun but for the most part I don’t go in the sun.  I don’t think she would have recommended it if I hadn’t told her that.  She is right though, I need to start using one every single day that I leave my house.

I think if you are planning on staying home this Summer like me, try to take some time for yourself.  Visit Massage Envy Spa, they have a great introductory price.  You can get a 1 hour massage for only $49.99 or a 1 hour facial for just $59.99.  Both are an excellent price to enjoy some me time for your staycation or whenever you can steal some time away for yourself.

Mr. Messy suffers from Degenerative Disc Disease and I asked specifically about if this was a good service for someone with this condition.  The manager I spoke to said that it is a great service for someone who suffers from Degenerative Disc Disease but you want to be sure to inform the staff of this as they have massage therapist who specialize in this field.

healing hands

On September 17th, 2014 Massage Envy teams up with The Arthritis Foundation to host the fourth annual Healing Hands for Arthritis.  Massage Envy Spa will donate $10 from every 1 hour massage.  Their goal is to donate $1600 from each Massage Envy Spa across the nation.

Also, tipping is something is accepting in the massage field just like other service fields.  Please don’t plan a trip without being informed of this like I was.  If you aren’t sure what’s the average amount if you are satisfied with your service asked the front desk, they were so helpful with everything!  I’m pretty sure I’ll be back and I’m better informed for the next visit!

Messy signature



Disclosure of Material Connection:  I received one or more of the products or Services mentioned above for free or monetary compensation in the hope that I would mention it on my blog.  Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255:  “Guides concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.



Best Sleep Mask & Ear Plugs Combo from Bedtime Bliss Review

I was sent a Best Sleep Mask & Ear Plugs Combo from Bedtime Bliss to review and give my honest opinion.  I didn’t expect much, since I’ve tried plenty of other sleep masks in the past.  I am a light sleeper and with having three little girls (one that has slept through the night a total of 6 times in her short 2.5 years), dogs that walk our hard wood floors every night and a husband that snores loud enough to hear from the other end of the house and a floor away you can imagine that I lack sleep.

Bedtime bliss

I was willing to try almost anything.  I have been using this for a few weeks now.  I am apprehensive to use it every night since that would mean I was abandoning my husband to handle the nightly routine all by himself.  When I do use it I do sleep very well.

I sometimes hear my husband’s snores through the ear plugs but that is rare and I blame Mr. Messy for that one.  Seriously, no one should have to suffer through this on a nightly basis.  For the most part I don’t hear anything.  That is sometimes a bad thing too.  That means I’m left to my own thoughts.  That can keep me awake for hours!

Your vision through our eyes!

The mask is comfortable and adjustable.  It’s shaped for your face, unlike other masks I’ve tried.  It’s padded and very thick.  This mask is a Light Ninja!  No light is getting through this mask!  I am the person that wakes up from the dog opening the bathroom door in the hallway or a car turning around in my driveway at night.  I open my eye widely and see nothing but darkness of any kind with this mask.  No light comes through the sides of the mask or the area around the nose.   The only thing I think the company can do is make the ear plugs hot pink for us girlie girls!  You can order the set on Amazon.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Preventative “Medicine” & Parenting

Messy Mama Traci here and I have a back log of stories to tell, now that all your nice comments online and in person have encouraged me that we all just like to hear about each other’s extraordinarily ordinary lives!

Earlier in the summer, when Messy Mama Amy planted the seed for me to think about contributing on the blog, she mentioned my Marshmallow Experiment as a great topic to share. Whatever could this be, you may ask, well wonder no further and let me know if you decide to try this yourself!

In an effort to be “intentional” about our summer break time together, I began to look for an activity we could do for a short time each morning to start a rhythm to our mornings. I didn’t love the attitudes I was seeing, both in the kids and myself as we adjusted to our newfound free time together. I was struggling to find consequences appropriate for the many issues the kids were having with arguing over pretty much everything and nothing seemed to work.

After several evenings of venting to Amazing Husband about how I should put them all in daycare and go back to work full time, I remembered:

Prevention is key in health and in life. So much emphasis and debate takes place in disciplining children, I have debates with myself in my head about these things every day! However it is the teaching, the proactive, preventative part of the process that precedes, and I believe greatly outweighs, the benefits of any type of consequence. It was time for Dr. Mom to step up the preventative medicine.

When I googled for a printable to teach kids Fruits of the Spirit, I immediately can upon this link, whose blog I am not familiar with but I much appreciate the simple graphic that coordinated the attributes with a fruit we could eat with each day’s lesson. Score! Everything feels more official with a printable and now I had the kids’ attention, a great start, thank You God!


In no particular order I settled on starting with Self Control since it was paired with apples which we always have in abundance.

Somewhere in my crazy brain I also recalled an experiment Stanford conducted with young children involving marshmallows and how the children exhibiting more self control at a young age then continued to do so later in life. I had a bag of marshmallows on hand and now I really had the kids’ attention!

The kids munched on their (not forbidden!) apples J while I read aloud about the Garden of Eden from our Children’s Bible. The first thing I noticed was the illustration, you have to see this, and I have seen it hundreds of times but never slowed down to examine it:

2014 AdamEveStory

See the circle of blame? There is nothing that drives me nuts more than asking the kids “What have you done?” and the reporter starts with what someone else did to them first. We must answer for our own choices and recognize our own responsibility lest we make it worse by blaming one another instead of loving and forgiving one another!

That is the way it has always been for me in parenting, funny how I get the urge to teach my kids what it is that I need most to learn.

Finally it was time to open the marshmallows. I put an arrow on our clock to mark 20 minutes from our start time and told the kids they would be given one marshmallow NOT to eat for 20 minutes, until the clock pointed to the arrow marked on our clock. If they succeeded they would receive five more marshmallows after the 20 minutes, so everyone was motivated.

You can read more about the actual Stanford experiment here, but I was flying by the seat of my pants so this is just how I did it.

We reviewed how Eve lacked self control when she took the apple from the snake as did Adam when he took it from Eve, and how much better life would be if sin had never entered the world in this way. Our conclusion was the self control helps avoid lots of sin and we were going to test our self control with these marshmallows.

I also told the kids they could color or draw, they just had to stay seated in front of their marshmallow without eating it, so my version may have been flawed with all my interference, I don’t know if the real experiment allowed the kids to do anything other than sitting. My goal was simply for the kids to experience the feeling of exercising self control and the reward of success.

The following is how they reacted, whether it was due to age or personality or both I am not totally sure, I do feel like I will try this with them again in the future just out of curiosity.

Almost Age 4 (at the time, 3 months prior to turning 4) With one pointer finger he very carefully poked it away as if it were on fire to get it further away and never touched it again. This was very surprising to me, both given his very young age and his love of marshmallows, but Wild Cat never ceases to amaze me. Now I know that his knee jerk reactions to his siblings are entirely optional as his self control is quite astounding, ha!

Age 5: Really wanted to “just” touch and smell it right away. I hated to see him be “out” in the first minute so I all but begged him not to, okay I did beg. He still rubbed it on his nose, squished it with his fingernails and licked his fingernails, so this dear child will be the cause of many gray hairs no doubt, self control is just not his strong suit thus far and may or may not ever be, I already knew that J I told him he better cover it up to help prevent further temptation, after more dramatic smashing he finally covered up the destroyed marshmallow and still persisted in peeking at it! Curious George lives up to his name.*

Age 6: Smashed it with his fist and poked holes with his fingers “so it would be yucky” and he wouldn’t want it anymore and never touched it again. To me, this was entirely in keeping with what I would expect from Cuddle Bear; he always wants to do what is right, but puts a good deal of effort into making that happen.

Age 7: Immediately threw a nearby dish towel over it so she wouldn’t see it anymore! Honestly I was surprised by this because Little Miss Sunshine can often toe the line between rule follower and envelope pusher, (Master of Finding Loopholes) so I expected another case of “just” smelling and touching but here was yet another child surprising me with a totally unique reaction.

Yes, everyone got their five marshmallows in the end. I guess you could say I extended lots of grace to the more questionable contestant that did technically ingest some marshmallow prior to time running out, a lesson for another day perhaps!

In my mind, the end goal was accomplished: whether or not they remember the details of that particular day, I know that they walk away from silly mornings like this knowing that I am rooting for them, doing my best to show them the great love of our Heavenly Father, that He has literally moved Heaven and Earth by sending His only Son for our forgiveness, and offering the gifts of His Holy Spirit to strengthen and guide us through each day.


“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” –Maya Angelou

2014 Marshmallows

Sweet Success

*This is no way a criticism nor permanent definition of any one child’s tendencies; this is just a silly and fun activity that also gave me some insight into how my children may approach challenges or temptations. In so doing, I can better teach them how to think through things for the best possible outcome. I also found throughout the week as we worked through various Fruits that children were stronger in different areas when they were weaker in others, which is again what makes us all unique works in progress!

Painted Earth Skin Care Optimum 20% Vitamin C With Ferulic Acid Serum Review

Painted Earth Skin Care sent me the new Optimum 20% Vitamin C With Ferulic Acid Serum to review. I am a huge fan of Painted Earth Skin Care and used the Optimum 18% Vitamin C Serum every day. It is the only skin care regiment I have stuck to for longer than a month. I have been using this serum since being introduced to it over a year ago. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and have noticed a significant change in how healthy my skin looks. So much so that I rarely ever wear make up anymore.

painted earth

So, here’s my question: Why change such an amazing product? Right? I mean, if it’s not broke don’t fix it. I never understand that until I became an adult and found products that I fell in love with that were later changed and just never the same. Lucky for you ladies, the Opitimum 18% Vitamin C Serum is still available, however the Optimum 20% Vitamin C Serum with Ferulic Acid is AWESOME!

painted earth 001

Since using the new serum I have seen more of a reduction in the sun spots over my face. I wish I had a high resolution camera to show you the difference but they were light but noticeable to begin with. Not light enough to see on my camera. Now I have noticed a big difference even after the difference I noticed with the Optimum 18% Vitamin C Serum.

painted earth 003

What is Ferulic Acid? According to Wikipedia: “Ferulic acid is a hydroxycinnamic acid, a type of organic compound. It is an abundant phenolic phytochemical found in plant cell wall components such as arabinoxylans as covalent side chains. It is related to trans-cinnamic acid. As a component of lignin, ferulic acid is a precursor in the manufacture of other aromatic compounds. The etymology is from the genus Ferula, referring to the giant fennel (Ferula communis).”

painted earth 008

Did you get that?  Yea, me neither!

Basically Ferulic acid is found in the cell walls of plants such as rice, peanuts, wheat, apples and other fruit. Being particularly abundant in amaranth and coffee.  The name amaranth comes from the Greek for “the one that does not wither,” as a result of all the ferulic acid presumably. It is an antioxidant that can seek and destroy several different types of free radical.  From what I have been told free radicals are what destroys your DNA in your skin causing sun spots and other aging.


Thank you Painted Earth Skin Care again for always bringing us the best!  If you have sun spots or other aging signs on your face, neck and chest give this a shot.  After it has been absorbed into your skin it won’t be washed off.  That means your skin is going to get the benefits from it even if you dance in the rain.  I feel confident to go naked on my face every day now.

Amy's phone 690

Disclosure of Material Connection:  I received one or more of the products or Services mentioned above for free or monetary compensation in the hope that I would mention it on my blog.  Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255:  “Guides concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

Introducing Messy Mama Traci

I am so happy to write my very first guest post on any blog ever. Thank you, Messy Mama Amy, for inviting me into your online space! My name is Traci, I am in my early thirties, married almost ten years now to my wonderful husband and we are raising our four beautiful children aged 4 (in a month), 5, 6 and 7 years old.

Messy Mama Traci

Our little family strives to live a simple life of loving people and leaving things better than you found them, which is easier said than done with four small children! On the other hand, our children are our mirrors and measuring sticks, reflecting our values and keeping us on track with practicing what we preach. While there may be nothing simple about juggling doctor appointments, school papers, projects, social activities and sports for six very different people it is a rewarding challenge that has yielded more patience, discipline and joy than we ever knew possible.

Since our children are so close in age it has always made more sense for us to have me stay home full time and I would not have it any other way. I do have a college degree and with many professional skills to offer the workforce, although quite dated and rusty I presume, (hey I am a fast learner!) and will jump back in when the time is right.

For now we lead the humble life of a one income family and while we may dream of long wish lists of wants at times, my husband and I often agree that it is amazing how we have always had more than what we need. We have had large children’s hospital bills forgiven, hand me downs dropped at our door countless times, meals prepared when newborns came home, and babysitting offered by trusted and loving people.

We also budget carefully, having put credit cards behind us entirely for two years now. I cook a lot from scratch, shop Aldi and sale prices for groceries and on my best days meal planning saves a lot of impulse buys and food waste. I shop thrift stores which offer a huge selection of name brands in great shape for pennies on the dollar. Most of our home maintenance and improvements are also done ourselves with the exception of some more complicated electrical or plumbing which in certain cases are more economical to leave to the efficiency and expertise of professionals.

Let me introduce you to my Amazing Husband, really that is his name. “Amazing Husband” keeps him alphabetically first in my phone’s address book which avoids those awkward moments where you send a text meant for your husband and mistakenly send it to your friend. (Interestingly that puts Messy Mama Amy at risk for receiving such a message being second in line, maybe I should plug in an imaginary friend, Abby perhaps?!) Seriously though he is amazing, he is loving and attentive to each of us, works hard to provide and is so smart and creative with everything from our tight budget to home improvements and is an amazing teacher at our church, coach for kids track, honestly I am in awe of how blessed I am to be his wife and have him with me to raise our children.

Miss Sunshine, age 7.5, is bright and intense, our beautiful daughter with an insatiable appetite for learning and adventure. She goes on the biggest and fastest rides that I can stand, eager for more and bigger things, and has done everything at an early age, from walking and talking to riding a bike and now skipping the second grade. She is extremely focused on whatever is her task at hand so she can have quite a serious streak and yet has no hint of perfectionist in her. She loves to throw together songs, plays or games with family and friends, she is a joy.

Cuddle Bear is our first son, 6.5 years old and a sensitive and passionate boy that makes friends everywhere he goes. He is quick to smile and relates so well to others through conversation and play. He prides himself on being the first one up in the morning just to get a little alone time with Mom and sometimes Dad, he is very observant and contemplative always asking questions, often the same ones over and over to the point I think he is testing to see if the answer ever changes. He is dependable and responsible, the only child that prefers to give his toys away to keep his most treasured things neat and organized.

Curious George is 5 now, he is the most curious of all of our children and that is quite a title since all children are quite curious to begin with! He is cute as a button which melts my heart despite all the messes and broken things that result from his curious and impulsive ways. He would rather be in the truck or garage with Dad any day, studying moving parts and components like a man in a child’s body. He is a hard worker, surprising me recently with the energy and focus he puts into writing and reading ahead of his age level which will suit him well if he continues in his tinkering ways!

Wild Cat turns 4 next month and he is the sweetest stinker ever, mixing sweet and sour for an irresistible boy that keeps us on our toes. He is fearless and agile, keeping up with his siblings without missing a beat. He flips, tumbles and dances his way, with his Dad’s million dollar smile, into the hearts of everyone he meets. He was a real Mommy’s Boy for a while there but is growing up fast and so excited to launch into the world of school friends and teachers in his preschool after this summer.

I tried to choose my words carefully as it is so challenging to describe any person in a few words, least of all the five people dearest to me that continue to grow and amaze me in our ever changing journey of life. I hope my love and admiration for the people they are becoming, and have already become has shown through. Above all I continue to be amazed at God’s creativity and beauty in creating people so very different and putting them into this structure of family where we provide comfort, security and unconditional love for one another just because we belong to each other. It is a beautiful thing for which I am thankful every day. I hope you can relate and enjoy what I will affectionately refer to as our variety show!

Chillafish 31 Chillafish BMXies Giveaway – Win 1 of 31

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WIN one of the 31 Chillafish BMXies we are giving away!!  One reader from Confessions of a Messy Mama will win one of the 31 Chillafish BMXies!  Good luck!
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Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Giveaway

This game rating is everyone 10+ this game have fantasy violence and mild language. If you want to enter to win 1 of 2 codes for Max: The Curse of Brotherhood. Enter Below. 

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Weight Gurus Digital Bathroom Scale Review

I was given the opportunity to review the Weight Gurus Digital Bathroom Scale with large backlit LCD and Smartphone tracking and I’m so glad I took it.  When I received my scale  in exchange for my review and did a little dance since my old scale was not this close to being this cool.
I struggle with my weight and always have.  I don’t care as much since I tend to stay away from the mirrors, however, I’m not in a position to keep replacing my wardrobe every few months.  Putting on 10 pounds when you are on five foot tall is a little more like 30 pounds so even five pounds can make my clothes look snug.  Let’s be honest here, if all clothes fit like maternity clothes I still probably wouldn’t care but when I can’t breathe sitting in my jeans then it’s time to focus again!
The people in that you know that are in amazing shape work very hard for it, especially if they are over 30.  I am too tired to work hard enough to get to my goal, but I can still be comfortable in my own body.  A number doesn’t get you there, the scale can say 100 pounds or 500 pounds and if I’m uncomfortable it doesn’t really matter what it says right?
Product Description:
Easy to readEasy to read in all lighting conditions. Bright blue backlight. Extra Large 4.3″ diagonal LCD.

Accurate4 high precision sensors provide reliable, truthful measurements every time.

Smartphone TrackingSync weight with iOS and Android devices. With our free Weight Gurus App you can store weight entries, view trends, and chart progress. Syncing is easy. Simply press the App’s weigh-in button and scan the scale’s display with your smartphone camera – much like scanning a barcode. No bluetooth pairing or network configuration required! Syncing is fast. It takes about a second.

Master Your WeightIn our first year we have helped people lose over 100,000lbs! Nothing makes us happier than seeing people improve their health!

Designed in the USAMany scales are sourced and sold from China with little concern for the overall experience and quality. We custom design our scales from the ground up – from our Weightless and appSYNC technologies to the slim design and extra-large, extra-bright, easy-to-read display.

Hassle Free100% satisfaction guarantee. 5 year limited warranty. We’re not perfect – but, when we make a mistake we’ll do our best to make it right. Just email 


My favorite feature of this scale is that it remembers you.  I set User 1 as me in the scale.  So I will give myself a goal to lose 20 pounds in six months and it will show me how much I’ve lost or (heaven forbid) gained, it will not show me the number.  I can keep track without worrying about who might see (not that I care but some people might).  Plus, you don’t have to do the math in your head, you just see that you’ve lost 8 pounds and well that would leave 12 pounds.  I love the fact that you can download the app to your smartphone and keep track of your progress too.  It’s super easy to stay on track!

Disclosure of Material Connection:  I received one or more of the products or Services mentioned above for free or monetary compensation in the hope that I would mention it on my blog.  Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255:  “Guides concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Cross-Country RIO 2 Summer Party Tour Comes To Cincinnati July 8th

The Cross-Country RIO 2 Summer Party Tour Stops in 
8 Major Markets Bringing Soccer Fever, Games, 
Samba Lessons, and Fun for the Whole Family!
- RIO 2 is on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD July 15
My girls and I will be at the Cross-Country RIO 2
Summer Party Tour that stops in Cicninnati on
July 8th at Riverfront Park from 1 – 6 p.m.  
Come out for the fun!
WHAT:  Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment brings the party to the people with its cross country RIO 2 Summer Party Tour. Families will have plenty of reason to shake a tail feather down to the tour; it’s full of interactive activities for all ages including portable viewing stations to watch soccer games, live from Rio; screenings of RIO 2; Samba performances and lessons; customizable Carnival masks; soccer challenges, and much more! All guests can also turn their fun into a global sensation by joining a cross country karaoke   from the party via the sing- and dance-along photo booth.
Event Times
Game Times
Monday, 6/30
New York
South Street Seaport
12-6:30pm ET
12 & 4pm ET
Tuesday, 7/1
Franklin Square
12-6:30pm ET
12 & 4pm ET
Saturday, 7/5
Mall of Georgia
12-6:30pm ET
12 & 4pm ET
Tuesday, 7/8
Riverfront Park Smale Field
1-6pm ET
4pm ET
Wednesday, 7/9
Kohl Children’s Museum
1:30-6:30pm CT
3pm CT
Saturday, 7/12
St. Louis
St. Louis Galleria
1-6pm CT
3pm CT
Monday, 7/14
The Parks at Arlington
12-5pm CT
Friday, 7/18
Los Angeles
Hollywood & Highland Center
12-5pm PT
WHY:  With the Blu-ray/DVD and Digital HD release right around the corner, Fox Home Entertainment will bring the party from the Amazon this summer with a bunch of family-friendly fiestas across the country. You can find the Summer Party Tour any time of day, check out pictures from the tour, follow the GPS enabled tour bus, and explore all sorts of RIO 2 goodies atwww.rio2summertour.comFollow the tour on social media with #rio2summertour.   

Car Seat Safety Doesn’t Take A Holiday + GIVEAWAY

With the Fourth of July right around the corner Safety 1st wanted to remind you that car seat safety doesn’t take a holiday.  They have agreed to send me a Safety 1st onBoard Air 35 Air + in exchange and I was happy to share their tips since I see far too often children in the wrong seats if in seats at all.  EVERY time you place a child in the car, please be sure that you are using the proper car seat for that child.   Did you know that AAA announced yesterday that it projects 41 Million Americans plan to travel for the 4th of July weekend?

With 34.8 million choosing to travel by automobile (the highest level since 2007, according to AAA), it’s more important than ever to ensure children are safe in the backseat. From car seats that provide full body safety protection to crash tested car storage for travel essentials, the below products from Safety 1st ensure children are safe for a fun-filled family road trip:

Car Seats:

The Safety 1st onBoard Air 35 Air + infant car seat allows your child to ride rear facing from 4-25 pounds. It’s equipped with a 5-point harness, adjustable stay in the car base and Carry Curve™ Handle with an ergonomic design.

The Safety 1st Advance SE 65 Air +  convertible car seat ensures your child is safe from 5-65 pounds. Better yet, it meets the new requirements for the new 65 Pound LATCH rule.

The Safety 1st  BoostAPak is a belt-positioning booster, that’s also a backpack! To help make booster seat riding more fun for children, and easier for parent’s the BoostAPak provides on-the-go convenience and safety. Perfect for traveling, switching between cars, and it fits into an overhead plane compartment.

Organizing the Car:

Anything not secured down is a potential projectile in the event of a crash or just stopping fast.

No more to stretching or taking eyes off the road to find items stashed under seats!

Safety 1st Car Door Sanitation Station easily installs into a car doors compartment, allowing parents to store tissues, wipes, lotion, and other essentials within arm’s reach.

The Safety 1st Just-In-Case Storage Station keeps travel essentials like diapers and toys safely stored in the car trunk eliminating the worry of car projectiles. The storage station secures to trunk floor with anchoring screws.

Are you shopping for a car seat?  Maybe not, but you may still need a refresher and should read:

Travel Safety by Safety 1st Consumer Safety Expert Julie Vallese

The three most important things when choosing a car seat are:

·   One that fits your child

·   One that fits your car

·   One that you will use correctly every time

You can accomplish this by:

·   Have the car you will be using the seat in with you and try it out at the store.

·   If possible have your child with you at the time of purchase

·   Follow information in both the car seat manual and vehicle manual for installation

·   Attend a car seat check for assistance in proper installation and use from a certified car seat technician

New rules for car seats using LATCH require understanding of your car seat’s weight and child’s weight:

·   Car seats (after 2/27/14) are required to carry a label guiding on maximum weight limits for LATCH

·   The combined weight should not exceed 65 lbs

·   Look in the manual and label on the car seat to identify the weight of the seat

·   Look for a weight on the maximum weight for the child

·   Know your child’s weight

·   Combined weight of the seat and your child exceeds 65lbs? Install the car seat using the vehicle’s belt

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